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Buy and sell foreign currency; transfer money abroad from India. With our RBI-authorized Full-Fledged Money Changers, we provide the best exchange rates and hassle-free transactions. 

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Currency Exchange

Conveniently buy foreign currency for your travels at our authorized branches. 

Forex Cards

Enjoy the flexibility and security of prepaid forex cards with locked-in exchange rates. 

International Wire Transfers

Seamlessly send money abroad with our efficient and cost-effective transfer services.

RBI Licensed Forex Trader 

VFX is a reliable and RBI-authorized Fully-Fledge Money Changer and forex exchange business that provides easy and convenient currency exchange services, forex cards, and other financial solutions to international travelers, students, and businesses in Bellary and throughout Karnataka. 

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Transparent Competitive Rates  

Personalized Currency Solutions 

Customer-Centric Expertise 

RBI-authorized Fully-Fledged Money Changer

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Travel Smart with VFX 

Explore our travel smart tips to make the most of your international adventures. From currency exchange best practices to destination-specific insights, we’ve got you covered.